For over 40 years, jewellery brand David Yurman has been creating timeless and exquisite pieces of jewellery which aim to tell a story.

The eponymous New York-based brand was founded by David Yurman in 1980, who built it through his passion for art and design. A sculptor by trade, Yurman and his wife Sybil Yurman, who is a painter, have always brought an artistic sensibility to the brand.

Through this, the brand embodies an entrepreneurial spirit as part of its core DNA, while emulating aspects that are unique through the founders’ skills and has laid a bold foundation to build the brand as they continue to break the mould in the world of jewellery.

As part of Emirates Woman‘s series ‘In Discussion With…’, our Editor / Associate Publisher Amy Sessions sat down with two key people who are at the helm of the brand – Maria Valim, Senior Vice President of Sales, and Lee Tucker, Senior Vice President of Merchandising – to discuss the story of David Yurman, how the pieces they create are designed to tell a story and are to be passed down generation to generation, and their latest collection, Elements.


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Having been with the brand for over 20 years, Valim highlights how David Yurman continues to celebrate a family spirit with its approach to business.

“There’s this family mentality – [the brand is] rooted in art,” she tells EW. “It’s not just about sales. It’s about the collections. It’s about the customer – there’s always the intent that the customer is at the other end.”

She adds, “To be part of something that’s been an incredible ride – to see the company evolve and become this global brand that it is today is remarkable.”

Throughout its 40-year history, the brand has continued to stay true to its roots which, as Tucker notes, makes it truly a one-of-a-kind in the world of luxury.

“The David Yurman company is really unique in the world of luxury,” he explains. “We are a completely private company – we have no investors. We’re still completely run and operated by the family… still bringing that artistic sensibility into the company.”


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Moreover, it’s a brand that truly aims to engage with their customers throughout their lifetime, creating pieces which tell stories and to mark significant moments in a person’s life.

“We meet people that bought jewellery in the ’80s or ’90s and they will say to us, ‘I bought this because my daughter gave birth and I wanted something I could have to remember that’,” Tucker says. “That whole story about how that piece of jewellery carries so much emotional weight is a beautiful thing.”

At the helm of passing treasured pieces down from generation to generation ties in with producing timeless and classic pieces, which is at the core of David Yurman. Notably, one of the hero pieces by the brand during its 40-year history is the Cable Classic Collection Bracelet, worn by Valim in the interview and described as “the little black dress” of David Yurman by Tucker.

He even notes there’s a “gravitational pull” towards such pieces in the Middle East, but with a penchant for emeralds and diamonds.

In particular, this is explored with the brand’s latest collection, which highlights the theme of connecting with the world as it lays emphasis on pieces that allow the wearer to share that own personal story allowing the wearer to experience meaning in each piece.

The collection celebrates New York, with the backdrop displayed through the campaign, expressed through all the architectural pieces which pay homage to the city, the campaign features a mix of classic and iconic pieces from David Yurman Cable, Pinky Ring, Stax, Lexington and Renaissance collections while fusing it with elements which give New York City its everlasting spirit.

From the first store in Maddison Avenue to over 300 locations worldwide, this exclusive brand is available across 49 retail stores throughout the United States, Canada, Hong Kong and France.

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